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Confirmation and Deposit Reservations are not confirmed until all payments are received. If full payment is not received 4 weeks prior to the event, Casa Royal Banquet Hall has the right to keep the deposit and rent the hall to another rental party. Upon reviewing and signing the contract, both parties will agree on a payment schedule that will result in the full payment of the agreed upon cost at least 4 weeks prior to the event. The renter can pick up the security deposit the Monday after the event. Any damages caused by the renter or any of his or her guests will be deducted from the security deposit. If the amount of damages is greater than the $500 security deposit, the renter is committed to pay for these damages and cost of repairs. A Casa Royal employee will be in the hall for the duration of the event. He or she will be there to help answer any questions you may have and to ensure that everything is stocked. Cancellations and Reschedules All cancelations must be notified within a month prior to event (tentative). If Casa Royal is informed of the event being cancelled, in part or completely, the confirmation deposit will need to be forfeited (not refunded) by the Client to Casa Royal. If a change of date for an upcoming event is needed, the client will forfeit the original $500 deposit. A new deposit in the amount of $500 will be required. Any additional payments made will be applied towards the new balance. Disclosure: Casa Royal does not guarantee an available date for a rescheduled event. Hall Conditions and Expectations The renter will leave the hall in the same condition he or she found it. Before the event, the renter will walk through the hall with a Casa Royal representative to list any existing damages. If the renter decorates the hall, he or she must make sure that all of the decorations are approved by management. Nothing can be nailed or glued to the walls. Nothing can be taped to the ceiling lights. If the renter wants to use tulle (tool), he or she must use tape to secure it. The renter cannot stick anything into the ceiling panels. Any damage to ceiling panels will be deducted from the deposit. No open flames, lit candles, or rose petals allowed. Renter must pay for licensed security guards. Casa Royal Banquet Hall will supply the security guards for $20/hour per security guard. Renter must use 1 security guard for every 50 people attending the event. The Hall/Ranch is a family business and allows only family-friendly events. Casa Royal will not allow “adult-rated” activities such as stripping, on its premises. Music will be off by 12:00 am. The renter and guests will be out of the Hall/Ranch by 12 o’clock midnight. Renter agrees not to hold Casa Royal Banquet Hall and its members liable for any injury or damage to persons or property on the premises during his or her event. Food and Beverages Policy Food There will be no cooking or heating allowed whatsoever. This means no using any gas or propane tanks. The only warming that can be done is by using Casa Royal steamers, and/or chafing dishes with Sternos. Casa Royal provides food through a third party vendor. This venue will not be held responsible for any consequences due to food consumption. (tentative) I, , hereby release Casa Royal from any and all liability related to the contents, preparation, and presentation of food, prepared or purchased for the above event. Beverages Glass Bottled beverages (beer or liquor) are not allowed at tables. The bartender must pour the bottled beverage into a cup before it leaves the bar area. Champagne bottles are allowed only for the toast. No illegal activities will be allowed whatsoever including the consumption of alcohol by minors. Security guards will card guests if necessary and escort guests off premises if problems persist. Casa Royal is not Responsible or Liable for any accidents or damages caused by intoxicated guests. This venue does not provide or sell alcoholic beverages. All alcohol must be provided by the party host. In the case of ANY injury caused by intoxicated guests, we recommend the host be insured with the Host Liquor Liability Insurance. I, , hereby release Casa Royal from any and all liability related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages including: guest consumption, underage drinking, physical damages and guest transportation.